Construction of a shopping center. This project will be located on Plot No. 18&19 Sector, WB-01 at Baniyas West in Abu Dhabi.
OnGoing Project
Shopping Center Project - Baniyas West
Construction of a commercial building comprising a ground floor, 2 parking levels and 6 additional floors. This project…
OnGoing Project
Commercial Building Project - Al Nakheel 1
Fujairah Municipality plan to develop a commercial and residential building in Fujairah. Construction of a commercial/residential…
Commercial/Residential Building Project - City Center
This project is in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Request for proposals are invited for Abu Dhabi Future School Program…
OnGoing Project
Abu Dhabi Future School Program - Phase 7 (Package 7)
This project is in Saudi Arabia. The projects consist with Construction of 1,300-kilometre-long Landbridge project comprising…
OnGoing Project
Landbridge Railway Project
The Jafurah Gas Plant in Saudi Arabia is expected to be a key element of Client's long-term strategy to boost its unconventional…
New Project
Jafurah Gas plant Project
This project involves development of sour gas from the offshore Hail and Ghasha fields in Abu Dhabi. The project consists…
New Project
Hail & Ghasha Offshore Gas Fields Development Project
This project involves construction of Fawad Tower on Plot No. DHC2.B.26 within Dubai Healthcare City and cover a total built-up…
OnGoing Project
Fawad Residential Tower Project - Dubai Healthcare City
This project involves the construction of infrastructure and required utilities of Red Sea Coast. This is a sustainable…
New Project
Amaala Utilities Project - Red Sea Coast
This project is in Oman. The project is about Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the development…
OnGoing Project
Duqm Refinery Development Project - Phase 1
Design and build contract to build a water supply system.
Water Supply System Project - Amaala
Public-private partnership (PPP) programme for the Construction of six compounds along with east west pipeline. The 20-year…
OnGoing Project
East West Pipeline Housing Project
Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to develop an oil and gas field. This project involves development…
New Project
Umm Shaif Long-Term Development Project (LTDP 1)
Construction of crescent buildings. The King Abdullah International Gardens have been designed to become a world-leading…
OnGoing Project
King Abdullah International Gardens Project - Phase 3
This project is in pre-qualification stage. To be known as King Hamad Causeway, it will link Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The…
New Project
King Hamad Causeway Project