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  • Though one of the smaller Gulf oil producers, Oman has diversified its economy earlier than most of the other regions. The country has a wealth of historical site.

  • METenders can help you discover the best business opportunities, evaluate the associated risks with projects in OMAN and increase your profit margins. Our services are especially designed to cater every industry irrespective of its size, type, or nature of the business.

  • Oman's construction industry is riding a wave of an infrastructure boom to remain positive over the foreseeable future.

  • Oman’s infrastructure industry is expected to remain promising, underpinned by ongoing investments in infrastructure, hotels and resorts, retail and commercial developments, and residential schemes.

  • Oman, located in the Middle East region is not only a fantastic tourism destination but a perfect hub for entrepreneurs to carry out their various business activities. Whether you have a small-sized business or a large one, you can find numerous projects in the Oman area. Since, initiating a new business is a challenging task as you are unaware of the location and the sites ideal to establish your business, we at METenders.com/Oman have emerged as a common platform for you and your business.

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