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Oman, located in the Middle East region is not only a fantastic tourism destination but a perfect hub for entrepreneurs to carry out their various business activities. Whether you have a small-sized business or a large one, you can find numerous projects in the Oman area. Since, commencing a new business is a challenging task as you are unaware of the location and the sites ideal to establish your business, we at have emerged as a common platform for you and your business.

So, whether you have a tourism project, hospitality project, telecommunications project or an aviation project, you can easily secure your tender in Oman.

With our project intelligence and tenders notification services, you can discover plenty of business opportunities. Our services help you market your products, evaluate the essential risks and profit margins and expand your business area. No matter what your size, type and nature of business might be, we are there to help every industry.

Whether you are dealing in the aviation industry, agriculture sector, telecommunications sector or in the hospitality sector, you can discover each and every type of project and tender on our website. The tenders and projects are listed by well-known clients, consultants, contractors and businessmen.

So, do not wait any more. Get the latest information from us for your business. Register or call us now. We will be delighted to assist you 24*7.
Trade Categories
Airport and aviation, products, services & technologies.

Cargo Handling, Belts, Display Boards & Screens
Hotels & Hospitality Services

Hotel Construction, Management Services, Interior Design
Infrastructure, Roads & Bridges

Forklifts, Traffic Signals, Fences
Oil & Gas Exploration

CNG Plants, Gas Explorations, Lubricants
Agricultural and Irrigation Products

Plastic Products, Tractors, Well Drilling Equipments
Hospital & Laboratory Equipment

Refrigerators, Hospital Supplies, Medical Gases
Industrial & Turnkey Projects.

Boilers, District Cooling Plants, Inspection Services
Power and Energy

Transformers, Switch Gears, Nuclear Energy Plant
Construction Technology & Building Material.

Design & Architechs, Cleaning Works, Waterproofing Works

Cables, Smart Cards, Project Management
Marine Services & Seaports

Dredging Equipment, Navigation Equipment, Engine
Sewerage & Waste Management

Seweage Works, Waste Mangements, Chemicals
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