Sewerage & Waste Management Projects Tenders in Oman

Sewerage, Wastewater & Waste Management Projects and Tenders in Oman

List of major player and key clients related to Sewerage & Waste Management Sector in oman
Oman Wastewater Services Company S.A.O.C, Oman Mobile Telecommunications Company L.L.C., Oman National Transport Company, Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production (OOCEP), Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C., Oman Polypropylene L.L.C (OPP) , Oman Power & Water Procurement Company S.A.O.C, Oman Publishing House, , Oman Refineries & Petrochemicals Company L.L.C (ORPC), Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment & Water Resources (Oman), Muscat Municipality (Oman), Public Establishment for Industrial Estates - PEIE (Oman), Tender Board (Oman), Salalah Sanitary Drainage Services Company (Oman), Office National de l'Assainissement - ONAS (Oman)

Latest Projects & Tenders Check Sample Info
Post/ Updated Description Territory Status
July 2, 2020 Yearly Contract for Daily Sold Waste Collection & Removal. Oman New Tender
June 29, 2020 Carry out infrastructure works. Oman Post Poned
June 29, 2020 Construction of Expansion of an Industrial City Oman Current Project
June 29, 2020 Construction of a Flood Protection Dam and River Training. Oman Current Project
June 25, 2020 Construction of a Flood Protection Dam. Oman Current Project
June 24, 2020 Treatment of Rainwater Pools in the State of Amerat. Oman New Tender
June 23, 2020 Sewage Water Collection. Oman New Tender
June 23, 2020 Construction of a waste-to-energy plant with a capacity of 50-60MW. Oman Cancelled
June 22, 2020 Construction of Infrastructure for Industrial Clusters. Oman Current Project
June 17, 2020 Design, finance, commission, construct, operate, maintain and transfer of a 40,000 cubic metres per day STP. Oman New Tender
June 16, 2020 Service Operator (Waste Management and Recycling). Oman Completed Tenders
June 16, 2020 Acts of Treating Rainwater Harvesting. Oman Completed Tenders
June 16, 2020 Work to Treat Rainwater Harvesting Sites. Oman Completed Tenders
June 11, 2020 Provision of Rainwater Harvesting Site Treatment Works. Oman New Tender
June 11, 2020 Treatment of Rainwater Collection Sites in the Clubs Hill in Sedab Area of Muscat State. Oman Completed Tenders
June 9, 2020 Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant. Oman New Tender
June 9, 2020 Execution of infrastructure works involving construction of roads, street lighting, storm water drainage channels and potable water networks. Oman Current Project
June 8, 2020 Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant. Oman New Tender
May 30, 2020 Providing PPP Transaction Advisory Services. Oman Completed Tenders
May 22, 2020 Consultancy Services for Supervision of Construction of Storm Water Drainage. Oman Completed Tenders
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