New Hotels Projects And Hospitality Tenders in Oman

Hotels Projects and Hospitality, Catering Tenders in Oman

List of major player and key clients related to Hotels And Hospitality Sector in Oman
The Research Council (Oman), The Royal Estates (Oman), The Wave (Oman), The WHO Representative (Oman), Vale (Oman), W.J. Towell & Company L.L.C (Oman), Wadi Al Jizzi Power Company (Oman), Zain Property Development (Oman), Zubair Corporation (Oman), Oman Tourism Development Company S.A.O.C (Omran), Ministry of Tourism (Oman), Muriya Tourism Development Company (Oman), Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Oman), Orascom Hotels & Development - OHD (Egypt), Tender Board (Oman), Al-Sawadi Investment & Tourism Company - ASIT (Oman), Majid Al Futtaim Investments (Oman), Dhofar Tourism SAOG (Oman)

Latest Projects & Tenders Check Sample Info
Post/ Updated Description Territory Status
January 20, 2020 Provision of work for Hotel for Crew Layover. Oman New Tender
January 20, 2020 Provision of Catering and Housekeeping Services at Daleel Muscat Office. Oman New Tender
January 20, 2020 Development of a beach resort comprising of basement, ground and 4 additional floors. Oman Current Project
January 19, 2020 Construction of a 4-star hotel offering (250) hotel rooms, (115) serviced apartments, restaurants and meeting rooms. Oman Post Poned
January 15, 2020 Construction of a new hotel comprising (285) rooms, including 12 suites set across six floors, with a restaurant and bar. Oman Current Project
January 14, 2020 Supply of Lamb/Mutton, Buffalo Meat, Poultry, Pork & Pork Products, Fish/Seafood, etc Oman New Tender
January 13, 2020 Construction of a heritage hotel. Oman New Tender
January 13, 2020 Construction of a three-star hotel comprising (120) guestrooms, including event spaces; a spa, complete with gymnasium area; a swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar. Oman Completed Project
January 9, 2020 Construction of a modern market comprising more than 200 shops, a market for handmade products and gold markets, including two hotels, cinema theaters and about 200 restaurants. Oman New Tender
January 9, 2020 Construction of a 4-star hotel. Oman New Tender
January 9, 2020 Management and Operation of a Site to Sell Corn and Hot and Cold Beverages. Oman New Tender
January 7, 2020 Construction of a 3-star hotel comprising of 2 basement, a ground and 6 additional floors. Oman Current Project
January 7, 2020 Construction of a hotel and shopping mall building comprising a basement, ground and 5 additional floors. Oman Current Project
January 7, 2020 Provision of works for Development of Public Service Units at Tourism Destination . Oman New Tender
January 7, 2020 Construction of a 3 star hotel building comprising a basement, a ground and 8 floors. Oman Current Project
January 6, 2020 Construction of a hotel building. Oman New Tender
January 6, 2020 Development of a resort comprising a five-star hotel with (130) rooms, signature restaurants, food and beverage outlets, leisure and water sports facilities, meeting rooms, business centre, retail outlets, including a health club, a spa and a ballroom. Oman Current Project
January 6, 2020 Construction of a hotel apartments building offering (600) units. Oman New Tender
January 6, 2020 Construction of a five-star hotel. Oman New Tender
January 5, 2020 Construction of a luxurious restaurant complex. Oman Current Project
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