New Projects Opportunities in Oman.

Trust Local Partners for Projects in Oman

The Middle East is fast emerging as the new center of economic growth. Following the significant development in construction, diversification of existing markets and the run-up towards FIFA 2020, a number of companies and Multi National Corporations hailing from different corners of the world are turning their attention to the Middle East. Oman is no exception to the fact. Located at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman too has witnessed unprecedented economic boom in recent years. Its ongoing growth continues to present a lot of new opportunities with several new projects in Oman underway. In fact, economic gurus predict that the number of new projects in Oman will increase drastically in the years to come.      

Some of the most lucrative projects in Oman are in the following sectors:

  1. Airport and aviation products, services and technologies
  2. Hotels and hospitality services
  3. Infrastructure, roads and bridges
  4. Industrial and turnkey projects
  5. Marine services and seaports
  6. Oil and gas explorations
  7. Power and energy
  8. Sewage and waste management
    I.T. and telecommunications

For companies who wish to expand their business and make a foray into the highly lucrative Middle Eastern market, Oman presents profitable opportunities. There are several new tenders in Oman in all the above mentioned business sectors. Some of the major projects in Oman include the supply, storage and distribution of agricultural machinery, carrying out repairs and maintenance of Al Hsein Falaj, Al Zuabi and Al Dwairah, from drilling work and supply of pump and pipelines and provision of seawater laboratory recirculation systems. Thus, there indeed are numerous new tenders in Oman for foreign businesses to consider.

Thanks to various online service providers who specialize in project intelligence and tender notification service, you can easily acquire all news and information pertaining to new tenders in Oman in popular sectors business sectors. Based on this information, you can not only pitch for new tenders in Oman but also locate new business opportunities easily, market your company’s products and services, and evaluate risk and increase profit margins. The biggest advantage is that the tender notification and project intelligence services can be availed at very economical prices. One successful project in Oman can help your company gain a lot of goodwill and trust and open doors to get new tenders in Oman and other GCCs.     

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