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Newest updates about Projects & Tenders in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, the largest economy in the Gulf Cooperation Council has undergone significant transformations in a relatively short period of time. From a basic agriculture society, it has evolved into a global economic power with a modern infrastructure. The integral part of Saudi Arabia is petroleum but it has diversified its economy in different industrial fields.  Today, it exports a variety of products all over the world. Industrial sector is experiencing a big boom because there are many current industrial projects available in Saudi Arabia that can earn huge profits.

A few numbers of industrial projects are listed below that are latest and can earn huge profits.

  • Construction of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in King Abdullah Economic City with preliminary production capacity of 100 million tonnes a year of capsules and tablets.
  • Engineering, procurement and construction contract to build an ethylene vinyl acetate and low-density polyethylene plant with capacity of 200,000 tonnes a year.
  • Construction of 450-kilometer-long Haramain express electrified railway line between the holy cities of Makkah and Medina outfitted with modern signaling and telecommunications systems, including the provision of state-of-the-art train sets.
  • Construction of a petrochemicals plant at Yanbu.
  • Construction of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in King Abdullah Economic City.
  • Provision of waterproofing coat for passenger compartments to a railways corporation.

Selecting qualified bids for industrial projects in Saudi Arabia is a difficult task. Whenever tenders in Saudi Arabia are floated by government or private organizations, selections are made on the merit, proven professional performance and experience. It is difficult to get industrial projects in Saudi Arabia because one has to qualify the tough bidding process. A bidder who qualifies all the requirements that are mentioned in the tender is given tenders in Saudi Arabia.

Organizations who aim to win industrial projects in Saudi Arabia must ensure to provide superior bid for the contract. They must consider all the requirements in relation to licensing, safety standards and other related matters. They must ensure that they have the ability to complete the given industrial projects successfully. They can provide references of the tenders in Saudi Arabia that they have undertaken in past and highlight their achievements. This can help them a lot in getting the industrial projects in Saudi Arabia.

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