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Al-Aweer Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Expansion Project

  • New Project
  • Dubai
  • Sewerage & Wastewater

This project involves expansion of Al-Aweer Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) located 25 kilometers away from the Dubai city centre and receives sewage from both domestic wastewater and septage. Based on the approved drainage and irrigation master plan, the Dubai municipality plans to upgrade existing STPs and enhance the performance of the entire sewerage system in the city. The second phase plans to expand of a sewage treatment plant (STP) with planned capacity of 176,000 cubic meters a day. The plant was initially designed with a capacity of 130,000m³ a day, which was later upgraded in this phase. One of two wastewater treatment plants, the Al-Aweer STP's redesign will help make the city future-prepared with the ability to process a foreseen increment in sewage that would result from a quickly expanding populace. Client has invited companies to submit proposals for the consultancy contract. The expansion of this STP is part of Dubai’s long term strategic plan to upgrade its sewage infrastructure. The Municipality of Dubai announced plans to upgrade the Al-Aweer sewage treatment plant as part of its strategic plan 2015-2021.

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