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Royal Saudi Air Defence Forces (Saudi Arabia), Royal Saudi Air Force (Saudi Arabia), Saudi Arabian Airlines, Ministry of Social Affairs (Saudi Arabia), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Saudi Arabia), General Directorate of Municipalities Affairs & Villages (Saudi Arabia), Customs Department (Saudi Arabia), General Authority of Civil Aviation - GACA (Saudi Arabia), Ministry of Defence & Aviation (Saudi Arabia), Civil Aviation Authority (Saudi Arabia), Presidency of Civil Aviation (Saudi Arabia), Civil Defence (Saudi Arabia), General Directorate of Borders Guard (Saudi Arabia), Ministry of Interior (Saudi Arabia), Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu (Saudi Arabia), Ministry of Finance (Saudi Arabia), General Directorate of Frontier Guards (Saudi Arabia)

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Post/ Updated Description Territory Status
October 28, 2020 Carrying out expansion of King Khalid International Airport, with capacity to handle 20-25 million passengers per year. Saudi Arabia Current Project
October 28, 2020 Design and Build (DB) contract for the expansion of Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 4, including additional land side work and concourses at an international airport. Saudi Arabia Current Project
October 20, 2020 Construction of a mixed-use development. Saudi Arabia Current Project
October 12, 2020 Design, construction, completion and maintenance of an airport that will have a 15,000-square metre passenger terminal, and a 3.2-kilometre-long runway with aprons. Saudi Arabia Current Project
September 28, 2020 Supplying Spare Parts for the Bell 429 Aircraft. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
September 27, 2020 Design and build contract for the construction of an airbase, including associated facilities. Saudi Arabia Current Project
September 24, 2020 Securing Personal Protection Equipment for Employees of Internal Airport Yards Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
September 22, 2020 Construction of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Airport comprising a three-storey passenger terminal, a control tower, air cargo zones and other facilities. Saudi Arabia Current Project
September 11, 2020 Carry out expansion of an international airport to accommodate 43 million passengers per year. Saudi Arabia New Tender
September 10, 2020 Supply of Spare Parts for Bell (206) Aircraft. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
September 3, 2020 Construction of an air force academy. Saudi Arabia Current Project
September 1, 2020 Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract to build a new airport. Saudi Arabia Post Poned
August 25, 2020 Construction of a new airport passenger terminal building and VIP lounge. Saudi Arabia New Tender
August 21, 2020 Supply of Fixed Wing Drone. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
August 10, 2020 Designing Flight Procedures for King Abdulaziz Airport in Jubail. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
July 31, 2020 Designing Flight Procedures for King Abdulaziz Airport in Jubail. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
July 30, 2020 Construction of a new terminal with a capacity to handle 35 million passengers a year. Saudi Arabia Post Poned
July 20, 2020 Provision of Air Support Management. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
June 30, 2020 Construction of an airport. Saudi Arabia New Tender
May 18, 2020 Supply of Update Navigation Devices for the Bell 206 Aircraft. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
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