Forklifts/Spare Parts Projects & Tenders

List of major player and key clients related to Forklifts/Spare Parts.
Qatar Petrochemical Company Limited (QAPCO),Asyad Group (Oman)

New Forklifts/Spare Parts Projects & Tenders Bids.

Project Ref.No: PRN1033239-ME Region: Qatar flag Qatar
Project Name: Forklifts Last Update:May 7, 2024
Description: Supply of 3 Tons & 5 Tons Capacity Forklifts with Commissioning.
Project Status: New Tender Request Demo

Project Ref.No: PRN86197-ME Region: Kuwait flag Kuwait
Project Name: Ministries Complex Building Construction Project Last Update:June 5, 2012
Description: Construction, completion, maintenance, rehabilitation and development of the Ministries Complex building for a financial authority.
Project Status: Current Project Request Demo

Project Ref.No: PRN96469-ME Region: Jordan flag Jordan
Project Name: Bridge Construction-2 Last Update:December 16, 2007
Description: Construction of a 425-metre-long cable-stay bridge on a four-lane traffic road for a municipality.
Project Status: Current Project Request Demo

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