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An insight into the construction projects and tenders in Abu Dhabi

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Till some time back, Abu Dhabi’s construction sector was dominated largely by the Oil & Gas projects and Independent Power and Water (IWPP) schemes. But since the year 2004, the face of construction sector in Abu Dhabi changed with the formation of Aldar Properties and with the launch of Al Reem Island development scheme.

The coming up of Aldar Properties in the year 2004 was a major milestone in the construction industry in Abu Dhabi. A host of major projects in Abu Dhabi were announced that took emirate’s building and construction sector to new heights. The first of such major development was Al Raha Development scheme launched in the year 2005 with an estimated cost of Dhs.54 billion. The Mina Zayed development scheme is another crucial project in Abu Dhabi which was expected to cost Dhs.55 billion.

Then there was the multi-billion Dirham Al Reem Island development project whose expected cost was Dhs.75 billion.

After that, several projects were announced in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) also played a major role in expanding construction industry in Abu Dhabi. In order to cater to the growing tourist sector, an offshore financial market was given a fresh impetus by ADTA with the announcement of a Dhs.100 billion development scheme in the island. A public joint stock company called Tourism Development and Investment Company (tdIC) was formed in the year 2006 to manage the project.

ADTA also joined hands with the local Al Jaber Group for building a host of 5 star hotel projects in Abu Dhabi. Since the beginning of the year 2006, a couple of new hotel projects have been announced in Abu Dhabi. The major hotel projects that have been undertaken so far include Hyatt Regency by Al Masaood Group, Emirates Pearl Hotel by tdIC and Atlas Group, Hotel at Jebel Naqfa by Sorouh Investments, and the Luxury Resort in Saadiyat Island by Abu Dhabi National Hotels Company.

Some other major multi billion Dirham schemes and projects in the emirate of Abu Dhabi include, Al Raha Beach Development, Najmat Abu Dhabi, the Shams Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi International Airport expansion, The Golden Dome, Autopolis, Addax Port, Material City in Abu Dhabi by Manazel real estate, and Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed City.

In the coming years, Abu Dhabi is set to reach the top of the construction activity in the world. To know about the latest projects in Abu Dhabi and tenders in Abu Dhabi, please log on to metenders.com Bid for the latest projects and tenders in Abu Dhabi and take active part in the busy days ahead.