Marine Construction, Harbour, Ports, Dredging Projects & Tenders in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Marine Construction & Seaports Projects & Tenders in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

List of major player and key clients related to Marine Services & Seaports Projects Sector in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE
Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC), Ministry of Environment & Water (Dubai), Department of Municipal Affairs - Abu Dhabi Municipality, Public Works Department (Abu Dhabi), Dubai Municipality, Emirates Telecommunications & Marine Services (E-Marine) - Abu Dhabi, Tourism Development & Investment Company - TDIC (Abu Dhabi)
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Post/ Updated Description Territory Status
October 19, 2020 Supply of Surge Vessel Work. Dubai Completed Tenders
October 17, 2020 Lamor Seahunter Vessel Double Hull , LSH 25 SS - with Yamaha F40 Engine, Cover and Lamor Mini-Bagger Systems Detachable , Light Oil Skimmer LSC W/Minibagger, Cover Dubai Completed Tenders
October 15, 2020 Development of a new waterfront city spanning 15.3 kilometers. Dubai Current Project
October 14, 2020 Construction of a mixed-use leisure project which will provide recreation facilities, high-end shopping and fine dining. Abu Dhabi Current Project
October 13, 2020 Construction of a new commercial port. Northern Emirates Current Project
October 8, 2020 Construction of infrastructure works for a port. Northern Emirates Current Project
October 6, 2020 Development of a marine life theme park. Abu Dhabi Current Project
October 5, 2020 Construction of 2 main cruise terminal buildings, service buildings, CBU building. Dubai Current Project
October 1, 2020 Supply and Fix Galvanized and Marine Fusion Bond Coated Steel Fence for Dumping Site. Dubai Completed Tenders
September 28, 2020 Construction of material handling facility, port facilities and associated facilities. Northern Emirates Current Project
September 28, 2020 Development of a waterfront destination that includes a marina as well as a cruise ship port and terminal, a shopping mall, an events arena, residential buildings, hotels, offices, retail stores, public services, restaurants and cafes and a lighthouse. Dubai Current Project
September 28, 2020 Construction of administrative buildings, a cafeteria, warehouses and workshops. Northern Emirates Current Project
September 24, 2020 Development of a marina. Northern Emirates New Tender
September 22, 2020 Construction of bulk liquids storage terminal. Abu Dhabi New Tender
September 21, 2020 Construction of three-star and four-star hotels, each comprising (400) rooms, two non-alcoholic hotels, a marina and a multipurpose exhibition center. Dubai Current Project
September 16, 2020 Abu Dhabi Ocean Observing System Maintenance Project. Abu Dhabi Completed Tenders
September 14, 2020 Marine Boat Driving Licence/ Training for Marine Staff. Dubai Completed Tenders
September 13, 2020 Construction of a second container terminal and additional quay wall at a port. Abu Dhabi Current Project
September 13, 2020 Carrying out marine works. Abu Dhabi New Tender
September 13, 2020 Construction of 146 ranch-style villas. Abu Dhabi Current Project
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