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Shorooq Land 1 - Wadi Al Safa 5

  • OnGoing Project
  • Dubai
  • Urban Construction

This project is located on Plot No. RC-C-02 at Wadi Al Safa 5 in Dubai. The scope of work of this project involves construction of a residential Building comprising two basement, a ground floor, twelve additional floors and a health Club . Project consisting of the following: The 2 basements containing 175 parking plus Service Rooms . Ground Floor with 72 Parking plus Entrance with Services, 11 Typical floors (from 1st to 8th floor) each floor consisting of 18 flats (7 studios + 10 One Bedroom Hall and 1 two bedroom hall). From 9th to 12th floor the floors consisting of 48 Studios + 36 one bedroom Hall. Health Club containing Gym and also Swimming Pool plus Services . Contains total flat number of 244. Luxurious bedrooms plus maids now available in the most desirable in this property. Floor to ceiling windows and balcony . Furnished with bespoke modern furniture the apartment boasts luxury. This place is ideal as it meets both the expectations of the parents or the older members of the family as well as the children or younger members of the family as well as couples for all. Leading Contracting Co. has been awarded the main contract on this scheme. Project is expected to be completed in 2020.

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