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Sewage Pumping Station Refurbishment & Upgrading Works Project - Al Rayyan

  • OnGoing Project
  • Qatar
  • Sewerage & Wastewater

The scope of work of this project involves carrying out refurbishment & upgrading of a pumping station located in Qatar. The Al Rayyan Pumping Station's capacity will be increased by 161%, to pump around 4,700 m3/day instead of the current 1,800 m3/day in Doha . The project aims to increase the capacity of the pumping stations by 62% to 211% in order to accommodate both current and future sewage flows within these important areas, and to cope with the future development and the expected population growth. Refurbishment works include the installation of new equipment to improve the pumping stations performance and functionality with the upgrade of pumping stations control systems, including new telemetry systems, improved fire alarm and suppression systems, new instrumentation, among others. This is in addition to improved odour control systems to prevent or reduce bad odours in the surrounding regions. Made in Qatar materials are being used in this project, such as concrete, reinforced steel, precast manholes, GRP (glass reinforce plastic) pipes and ducts, GRP tanks, UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) pipes and conduits, and RC jacking pipes (concrete pipes). However, the project is designed to ensure the preservation of the environment, as all the pumping processes will be done according to the environmental assessment standards. It is also committed to ensuring the implementation of all health and safety requirements for workers, operators, and the public throughout the project period. The project begins on 1 January of 2019 and is expected to be completed date Second quarter of 2021 (Q2 of 2021).

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