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Sewage Pump Station Q Upgrade Project

  • Completed
  • Dubai
  • Sewerage & Wastewater

This project involves upgrading of Sewage Pumping Station in Dubai - Contract (DS 206). The ongoing refurbishment and upgrading works of sewage pumping stations by Public Works Authority are expected to develop Qatar’s sewage network into international standards. The works are being undertaken at New Salata, Al Mansoura, Al Messila and Al Rayyan pumping stations as part of Ashghal’s efforts to provide the country with sustainable solutions in treating sewage. The aim is to increase the capacity of pumping stations in order to accommodate both current and future sewage flows within these four important areas to meet the demand in accordance with the future development and the expected population growth. The ongoing renovation works include installation of new equipment to improve the pumping stations’ performance and functions, upgrading of pumping stations’ control systems including new telemetry systems, improved fire alarm and suppression systems and new instrumentation. This is in addition to installing new improved odour control systems to prevent or reduce bad odours in the surrounding areas. The scheme is currently under tendering and bidding stage. The capacity of New Salata pumping station will be increased by approximately 62% allowing around 8,600 cu m per day to be pumped instead of the current 5,300 cu m per day. The capacity of Al Messila pumping station capacity will be increased by approximately 211% allowing 14,000 cu m per day to be pumped instead of the current 4,500 cu m per day. The Al Rayyan pumping station’s capacity will be increased by 161% allowing pumping of around 4,700 cu m per day instead of the current 1,800 cu m per day. The project is expected to be completed by December 2017.

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