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Power Infrastructure Development Project

  • OnGoing Project
  • Iraq
  • Power and Energy

This project involves development of power infrastructure to generate 11 gigawatts (GW) of power in Iraq. The company’s Iraq Roadmap outlines eight objectives to benefit the people of Iraq, the country’s national security and its economic development. These include reducing energy losses, introducing smart grids, strengthening the transmission grid, modernizing existing power plants, adding new generation capacities in deprived areas, connecting Iraq to the Arab Gulf region, putting Iraq’s national resources to work, and investing in its people. Client has signed the Principles of Cooperation (POC) with a Germany’s Co. for the scheme. Germany’s Co. had proposed to add up to 50 per cent of current generating capacity as part of a $15bn plan presented to the federal government in Baghdad. The company had mapped out a phased overhaul of Iraq’s energy infrastructure, with the first scheme set to affect up to 300,000 people and be completed in three months. Medium to long-term plans for the sector could take 10 to 24 months. “Prime Minister Al-Abadi and I had a very constructive meeting where we discussed the comprehensive Siemens roadmap to build a better future for the Iraqi people,” said Joe Kaeser. “We made a promise to the Iraqi people and we want to make it happen. In Egypt, we have done the same and successfully built up the power infrastructure in record time with the highest efficiency. Our roadmap for Iraq can deliver uninterrupted electricity to people’s homes and entire cities; create thousands of jobs for the country’s youth; and support their education and skills development so they can contribute to the New Iraq.” The company undertook a 12-month study to gauge a viable redevelopment plan highlighting provinces in dire need of priority rehabilitation.

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