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Muharraq Ring Road Widening Project

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Muharraq Ring Road Project starts from the entrance to Galali and Amwaj and ends at Diyyar Al Muharraq entrance, passing through the entrances to Samaheej and Dair Villages. Work comprises of transforming the road from a single one way road to a double road with 3 lanes on each direction, with the possibility of adding a fourth lane in the future at the part located between the intersections of Galali and Samaheej at a length of 8.4km.The project will provide a double high capacity road on the Eastern side of the island. Work also includes improving the intersections with Samaheej and Dair, installing safety barriers, lighting poles and traffic signals. Muharraq Ring Road is strategically essential as it would be used as an alternative to Raya Avenue (former Aradus Avenue); providing access to Galali, Samaheej and Dair. Muharraq Ring Road will also provide an access to investment projects located along the road.

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