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Muharraq Long-Stay Care Center Project

  • OnGoing Project
  • Bahrain
  • Urban Construction, Medical & HealthCare

This project involves construction of a Long Stay Care Center in Bahrain. Muharraq Medical Complex development is located in Block 223, Busaiteen area of Muharraq Governorate. The construction area for this development covers 30,000sqm. The hospital comprising 250 beds for indoor patient & car park area around 14,000sqm Campus to be completed in 2 phases; -Phase 1: Long Stay Medical Care Centre: A 100-Bed stand-alone medical care centre General Service Block: It houses the non-medical services. Geriatric Hospital rehabilitation Open Carparks: Dedicated to each building. -Phase - 2: Maternity Hospital: It houses the maternity wards, operating theatres, post-partum medical services, Multiple Sclerosis Centre. Specialised clinics to deal with MS patients, Multi-Storey Car Park with capacity of 560 vehicles . The medical complex features three projects. The first is a long-stay care centre with a capacity to accommodate 100 beds, providing care for patients in need of admission at the care center for long periods. The center will also include a reception area for emergency patients, wings and rooms for brain paralysis patients, wings and rooms for patients with other diseases, in addition to an isolation unit for patients with infectious diseases, a lab, a pharmacy, x-ray rooms, sterilisation units, a physiotherapy unit, administrative support services and a central building for non-medical services serving the medical complex, besides the central services for the medical complex like kitchens, washers and stores. The complex also comprises a maternity hospital with 50 beds, and a proposed center for patients with multiple sclerosis. Saudi Contractor Companies, Bahraini Contractor Companies with Grade AA in Building Construction category, Foreign Contractor Companies in Building Construction category, Saudi Bahraini with Grade AA in Building Construction or Foreign Joint Venture or Consortium Firms for the Long Stay Care Center project at Muharraq Project in the Kingdom of Bahrain funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Grant through the Saudi Fund for Development. Long-term care refers to any personal care or assistance that an individual might receive on a long-term basis because of a disability or chronic illness that limits his or her ability to function. Long-term care may be provided in a range of settings such as an individualÂ’s home and residential, assisted-living, nursing care, or rehabilitation facilities. In some settings, individuals may spend short periods of time (90 days or less) for rehabilitation before returning to the community. The center is expected to configuration to be a home, which mixes compositionally with its environment, is stylishly engaging, and incorporates numerous open air spaces. Accordingly, it adjusts the office estimate (a lot littler scale than regular nursing office), inside structure (progressively homelike and private), staffing examples, and techniques for conveying gifted proficient administrations. Construction on the $30 million project will commence in the third quarter of this year, and last for 24 months.

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