Trade Categories
Airport and aviation, products, services & technologies.

Security Camera, Towers, Ground service equipment
Hotels & Hospitality Services

Kitchen Equipment, Catering Services, Facality Management
Infrastructure, Roads & Bridges

Consultancy Services, Bridge, Subways, Underpass, Internal Roads, Tunnel
Oil & Gas Exploration

Offshore, OnShore, EPC Contracts, Refineries, Fuel Storage, Pipeline Network
Agricultural and Irrigation Products

Irrigation materials Water pumps Fertilizers Tractors Pipes
Hospital & Laboratory Equipment

Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment Laboratory Instruments & Materials
Industrial & Turnkey Projects.

Cranes, Steel Plants, Gases, Heavy Machinery, Factories, Chemicals Plants
Power and Energy

Power Plants, Cable Installation, Transformer, Substations, Switchgears
Construction Technology & Building Material.

High Towers
Villas Residential Building Air Conditioners Steel Stone Hardware & Tools

Computer Software ERP solution Hardware Accessories Satellite CCTV system Broadcasting & Communication equipment
Marine Services & Seaports

Harbour Cranes Boats & Tugboat Dredging and Reclamation works Diesel Engines
Sewerage & Waste Management

Pumping Networks, Wastewater O&M, Wastewater Network, Sewage Treatment
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