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North East Bab Field Development Project - Phase 3

  • Completed
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Oil & Gas

This project is in Abu Dhabi. North East Bab (NEB) oil production comes from three separate oil fields; Al-Dabbiya, Rumaitha and Shanayel. The project is about Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for development of North East Bab Field - Phase 3. The undertaking covers the development of Al Dabbiyah (Offshore Field), Rumaitha and Shanayel oil fields to expand the oil ability to 112,000 b/d. Al Dabbiyah Field at expanding the generation of oil by 73,000 b/d the bundle speaks to 3 contracts: Onshore Pipeline Works the agreement expects to develop an Onshore Pipeline with a limit of 270 km with different widths including Construction of 7 nos. of Block Valve stations, 60 nos. In this project the launcher stations inside the Onshore and Offshore Clusters, approx 8 Kms of Horizontal Directional Drilling Crossings, Hydro Testing for whole Pipeline Network including Onshore area, Pre charging tasks involving Cleaning, Gauging, Caliper Pigging, Preservation and Intelligent Pigging, All related E&I Works, Cathodic Protection (CP) Works and Decommissioning/De-Oiling of existing pipelines. Get-together Crude Oil System contract plans to build a multi stage item assembling pipelines from coastal and seaward groups, water infusions, gas infusion, water supply, water transfer pipelines. all out pipeline length is 300 km. The task points the development of a Central Process Plant (CPP) with a limit 110000 bpd Crude Oil. It will work the task. Client has invited the firms to bid for engineering design contract on this scheme. Technical proposals for the front-end engineering and design are due to be submitted on March 06, 2012. Commercial deadlines will be set at a later date, although an award is expected before June 2012. A project management consultancy (PMC) contract has also been tendered for the FEED phase, which will last for 8 months. The tender covers three packages, the first is for FEED study for facilities at the Rumaitha and Shanayel fields, located approximately 50-kilometres South East from Abu Dhabi, the project capacity to 39,000 barrels of the production, using water-alternating-gas (WAS) injection process, as well as water injection.

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