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Hail & Ghasha Offshore Gas Fields Development Project

  • New Project
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Gas Processing

This project involves development of sour gas from the offshore Hail and Ghasha fields in Abu Dhabi. The project consists with the task of Development of sour gas from two offshore fields with estimated capacity. The fields have a planned capacity of 1 billion cf/d of gas in addition to condensate, making it around twice the size of Abu Dhabi's recently-completed Shah sour gas development. Sour gas fields contain significant volumes of hydrogen sulphide, which need to be extracted before use and either sold or utilized in chemical industries. The Ghasha field with particular gear including self-raising stages for geotechnical work and group settlement. In the Hail field, a between tidal reef region, it is directing studies with land and/or water capable carriages while in more profound water, marine geophysical and bathymetric studies are being performed utilizing its overview vessel.The geotechnical workscope incorporates boreholes, get tests, vibrocores, cone infiltration tests, pressuremeters and down opening seismic." Bathymetric, multibeam reverberation sounder, tide checks, ultra elevated goals seismic sub-base profiling, magnetometer and side output sonar make up the geophysical study exercises at the site. Client has invited several companies to express interest in the project's front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract. These companies include UK, US, France and Australia. Companies are expected to be invited to bid on the FEED work later in the first quarter of this year, with a contract award anticipated later in the year. Client is likely to form a joint venture with an international oil company to carry out the development. US- had been awarded a $500 million contract in February 2015 to carry out a technical evaluation of the two fields. Oxy has cooperated with the client on activities, including 3D seismic surveys, drilling of appraisal wells and conducting engineering studies necessary for the fields' development. It was expected to take two years to carry out the technical evaluation of the two fields. Oxy will likely be among the companies to be invited to submit proposals for a new joint venture for executing this scheme.

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