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FIFA World Cup 2022

3 Top Reasons You Should Bid for Projects in Qatar

If you are a contractor or consultant looking for fresh projects, consider Qatar. As one of the Middle-East’s crown jewels, it offers a great lifestyle with ample opportunities for work. If you want specific causes here are our top four reasons to bid for projects in Qatar:

The right time

Qatar is gearing up for FIFA world Cup in 2022. The State is looking at massive infrastructure and urban development projects. The World Cup will bring multitude of tourists, international attention and booming business to this already thriving peninsula. This makes it an ideal time for professionals in areas like the hospitality sector, infrastructure, and social development projects.

Modern lifestyle

Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world and is considered one of the most advanced Arab State. It also ranks high in terms of human development. Backed by oil and gas reserves, Qatar is not just an economically thriving State, it also has an educated, aware and high spending population. For expats it offers a healthy living environment with all modern amenities like schools, hospitals, malls and recreational facilities.

Number of opportunities

While the desire to work in such a high return economy is obvious, do we have the opportunity? Luckily, yes. The government is looking for experienced professionals in a number of areas. There are a number of other projects in Qatar where such personnel are welcome, including infrastructure, education, tourism and social projects. Importantly, many of these are ongoing projects with high demand for contractors and consultants.