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Sports, Athletics & Aquatic Facilities Project - Sabah Al-Salem University City

  • OnGoing Project
  • Kuwait
  • Urban Construction, Leisure

This project will be located within Sabah Al-Salem University City in Kuwait and cover a total built-up area of 226,860 square meters. It includes 10 buildings comprising Athletic, Recreation and Aquatic Center Men's Student Center as well as a similar center for female students, including an Indoor Tennis Center, Grand Stadium, Outdoor Athletic Facilities, plus Information Booths, Student Union Office and Public Transportation Station. The Student Activities and Athletic Facilities at the new Sabah Al-Salem Kuwait University grounds is included 10 structures. There are two primary, aggressive and recreational athletic and sea-going offices, which additionally house understudy focus parts. While littler than the sports programs in size, these spaces will be no less essential in their job in University life. Additionally included in the project scope are two smaller recreational athletic facilities, two information booths, the Student Union headquarters, and an inter-campus bus transportation station. Finally, there are two major spectator facilities: a 15,000 seat outdoor soccer and track/field stadium & a 2,000 seat indoor tennis centre. Client has signed the main contract with Qatar-based company, in association with local partner, Roads & Building Contracting Company. The contract is worth $543 million and the period of execution is 44 months.

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