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Sour Gas Compressor EPC Project - Mesaieed

  • Completed
  • Qatar
  • Gas Processing

This project is in Qatar. The sour gas compressor will be installed at the NGL 3 Plant in Mesaieed. the plant basically consists of a gas processing section and a condensate processing section, the feed stock to NGL-3 currently comprises PS-4 gas combined with Al Shaheen gas and PS-4 condensate, the gas and condensate feed stock from north field alpha are transported by pipe lines to NGL-3 plant at the Mesaieed industrial area for NGL extraction and condensate stabilization, feed gas from north field. condensate from NFA is processed in condensate fractionation plant where a rich gas stream is stripped out as a result of condensate stabilization, this stripped gas (called sour gas)-is routed to NGL-3 extraction unit using the existing sour gas compressor (6112-K-01) to process it along with main gas feed from NFA, the existing sour gas compressor (6112-K-01) has no standby unit and therefore, whenever this existing compressor trips due to any reason, sour gas stream is flared resulting in loss of NGL components and black smoke in the area.

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