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Sewer Repair, Replacement & Rehabilitation Works Project

  • Completed
  • Qatar
  • Sewerage & Wastewater

The project involves provision of Sewer Repair, Replacement and Rehabilitation Works Framework - (PWA/GTC/085/13-14) AA/DOM/13-14/M/1591-4.07/G, located in Qatar. The project also covers the rehabilitation of the foul sewerage network and other related facilities. Scope of works include: - house connections - gullies - catch pits - inspection chambers - manholes - foul gravity sewers - rising mains - surface ground water sewers - lagoons - soak-aways - associated assets, including fittings and accessories, all attenuation tanks, chambers, valves, covers, grates, signage and access. Furnishing of all labour, supervision, vehicles, tools, materials, equipment, supplies, spare parts, emergency equipment, Water quality testing, Repair, replacement and rehabilitation of existing assets.

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