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Sewage Infrastructure Works Project

  • OnGoing Project
  • Kuwait
  • Sewerage & Wastewater

This project is in Kuwait. The project is about Execution of sewage infrastructure works (Phase 15). Kuwait’s mainly flat terrain, and the resulting need to include manned pumping stations in the wastewater collection system, sewage is retained in collection for a long time before arriving at the treatment plants. This ageing of the sewage, coupled with high summer temperatures, leads to septicity and the generation of hydrogen sulphide, odours and corrosive conditions in the collection system. Many of the sewers were constructed of asbestos cement pipes, which are particularly susceptible to deterioration from internal corrosion. This is a problem Kuwait shares with a number of cities in the region. The program the majority of defective sewers were renovated, with 127 km of sewer being renovated with inversion linings using resin impregnated polyester fiber felt, and 33 km of sewer being renovated with slip linings. Only 15 km of defective sewer was replaced. Improve pipe material and flow characteristics, Remove blockage and odour problems, Rationalise and reduce the number of pumping stations, and Provide a system which will have a useful life. This approach is cost-effective and provides greater opportunity for re-routing sewers, abandoning pumping stations, and providing increased capacities to cater to future wastewater management needs.

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