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Seeb Waste Water Network Extension Project - Package 2

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This project is in Seeb - Package 2. The A’Seeb wastewater project is Muscat’s first wastewater management system. Covering 189 mi2 (490 km2) of established urban environment, the system was designed for more than municipal sanitation—it also supplements the region’s water resources by treating 100% of wastewater to the high-quality level required for beneficial reuse and distributes the recycled water.Work involves surveying and the provision of installation and commissioning of gravity sewer networks and connections to houses and existing networks in Zones 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8. It also includes monitoring systems for the sewers constructed. The wastewater management system includes numerous features: 700 mi (1,100 km) of gravity collector sewer lines 14 mi (22 km) of main collector sewer by microtunneling 170 km of high-density polyethylene pressure line for distribution of recycled water 2 large treated-effluent storage and pumping facilities 3 sewage lift stations with pump sizes up to 180 horsepower Largest vacuum sewage system in the world, with 11 vacuum stations, 140 mi (225 km) of vacuum lines, and 4,500 vacuum interface valves 26,500 sewer house connections Seeb Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, designed to conduct tertiary treatment on 21.1 million gallons (81 million liters) per day Emergency ocean outfall Design measures for the project included flood protection for the riverine-like geography with wadis (dry rivers that flood during rain), a vacuum system for areas with a high water table, and enclosure of the Seeb wastewater treatment plant plus odor control solutions to meet the requirement of no odor at the facility’s boundary. It is understood that five companies have submitted bids for the main contract.

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