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Riyadh Metro Project

  • OnGoing Project
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Public Transportation

This project involves the first stage of a light railway scheme in Riyadh. It will include two lines. The construction of Riyadh Metro, involving the construction of six lines running over a total distance of about 176 kilometers comprising 85 stations. The first line would run 25 kilometres, have 23 stations and run on a north-south axis across the city. The second line will have 17 kilometres of track, 13 stations and cross the city from east to west. The client is currently preparing to release the invitations to bid (ITBs) to international consultants for the contract to carry out a 30 per cent design of the planned light railway. The design contract will cover both light rail lines running north-south and east-west. It is still not clear whether the project would be implemented on a design-build, a design-build-operate or a design-build-operate-finance scheme. The client is also in the process of evaluating proposals from international consultants to carry out a comprehensive study for the light railway network. While the 30 per cent design will be based on over-ground options only, the comprehensive study might re-introduce an underground element.

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