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Riyadh Art Project

  • New Project
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Leisure

This project involves the installation of more than 1,000 artworks across Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. All these artworks will be created through 10 main programs that cover: Residential neighborhoods, gardens and parks, public squares, public transit stations, traffic and pedestrians bridges, the city entrances and all tourism destinations across the city. This project will contribute to transforming the city of Riyadh into an open gallery and unleash new horizons for a local and international creative artistic movement. It will engage artists and citizens from all around the world, as well as strengthen social values, improve civilized interaction, knowledge transfer, creative cooperation and stimulate recreational and creative movement. The project comprises a series of components: Urban Art Lab: Establish galleries for well-known artists in city squares to allow interaction between artists and citizens Joyous Garden: Design playgrounds in neighbourhood gardens by famous artists Jewels in Riyadh: Install a collection of valuable artworks across Riyadh’s tourism destinations Welcoming Gateways: Implement gateways at the entrances to Riyadh using creative designs Art on the Move: Install sculptures at important traffic intersections Art in Transit: Place artworks at Riyadh Metro and bus stations Urban Flow: Design pedestrian bridges to strengthen the city’s connectivity and encourage citizens to walk The Hidden River: Implement artworks depicting nature and install illuminated artworks on bridges and viaducts Garden City: Create an arts garden containing a collection of artworks and sculptures Riyadh Icon: Create an iconic landmark that distinguishes the city of Riyadh Nour Festival: Organise an annual festival to show interactive artwork based on illumination.

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