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Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyor Project - Phase 1

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  • Jordan
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The Build-operate-transfer (BOT) contract for the construction of a canal, water conveyors and desalination plants, as part of the Red Sea-Dead Sea conveyor project . This planned 170-kilometre-long conveyor will carry about 870 million cubic metres a year from the Red Sea near Aqaba to the Dead Sea. The Red Sea– Dead Sea Conveyance, at times called the Two Seas Canal, is an arranged pipeline that keeps running from the waterfront city of Aqaba by the Red Sea to the Lisan zone in the Dead Sea. It will give consumable water to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian domains, carry water with a high centralization of salts coming about because of the desalination procedure (dismiss saline solution) to balance out the Dead Sea water level, and create power to help the vitality needs of the undertaking. The undertaking will be completed by Jordan and is totally in Jordanian domain. The task will be financed by the administrations of Jordan, and various worldwide contributors. Amman will take about 66 per cent of the total water conveyed. The World Bank has pledged an estimated $16 million towards this project. The funds are expected to be used to finance a feasibility study lasting one-two years. Once the study is finished, tender documents will be prepared.

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