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Quay Wall Construction Project - Dhiba Port

  • New Project
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Marine Services & Seaports

This quay wall will be built in the northern area of the multipurpose terminal at Dhiba Port in Saudi Arabia. The project is about Construction of a quay wall. The port has three berths. Berth 1 handles livestock cargo, berth 2 is for general cargo, and berth 3 is for roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) cargo, including vehicles. This project was delivered as part of a Design and Construct Project joint venture a design consortium comprising Consulting, Associates which involved designers in local, national and international locations. This joint presentation from the three main contributors of the design consortium will discuss the significant engineering challenges involved in this project and the details of the final engineering designadopted. The presentation will cover the full spectrum of civil and structural design, maritime and engineering. Dhiba Port is located on the north end of the kingdom’s Red Sea coast and is the nearest Saudi port to the Suez Canal. Client has invited firms to prequalify for the main contract by 14 March, 2019.

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