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Nuclear Plants Project

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  • Saudi Arabia
  • Power and Energy

This project will be located at Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. It is still in early stages and expected to have 16 reactors spread around the country and costing $7-billion each, but this is expected to change as program develops. Saudi Arabia currently plans to construct two large nuclear power reactors. The country had projected 17 GWe of nuclear capacity by 2040 to provide 15% of the power then, along with over 40 GWe of solar capacity. Plans for small reactors for desalination are well advanced on two fronts. In December 2006 the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Oman – announced that the Council was commissioning a study on the peaceful use of nuclear energy. France agreed to work with them on this, and Iran pledged assistance with nuclear technology. Together they produce 650 TWh per year (2016), almost all from oil and gas and with significant annual demand growth. They have a total installed capacity of about 130 GWe, with a common grid apart from Saudi Arabia, though with negligible import and export. There is also a large demand for desalination, currently fuelled by oil and gas. Client has appointed a group of advisers to work on this development. Advisory group includes US management consultancy, France’s Co. and local bank. The advisers will be involved in helping to establish a holding company for the ownership of the nuclear plants, setting up regulatory frame work for the nuclear sector and advising on possible financing options.

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