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Makkah Metro Project - Phase 1

  • New Project
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Public Transportation

The scope of work of this project involves development of a Metro system comprising six lines running for about 182 kilometres, including 88 stations . This project is at Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Known as the Makkah Mass Rail Transit (MMRT) system, it will run around Makkah city centre. The lines will be constructed in stages. Stage 1 will involve building lines B and C. Line B will be 10 kilometres with six stations and built mainly underground. This line will be an extension to the Mecca Metro and serve the pilgrimage sites of Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina. Line B will also connect with the $8 billion Haramain high-speed railway. Line C will be 29 kilometres long with 14 stations. This line will be built using tunnels and viaducts. Lines A and D will be constructed in future stages. The network will be able to transport about 100,000 passengers an hour. Most of the railway will be elevated to avoid having to build a complex network of tunnels under the mountainous city. In the future, Makkah Metro Network will consist of four lines that will connect the city’s main urban areas. It will have a total length of 123.5 km and 66 stations. Construction will be organized in three phases. The design and construction of Phase 1 will begin in 2015 and has an estimated duration of five years. Sources at the time said that the project will include a metro, light rail, tram, rail, local bus, marine transportation and a 2 km-long bridge, spanning more than 800km (500 miles). Client has started seeking financial and legal advisers to work on this scheme. It has only approached international advisers and law firms to bid as financial and legal advisers, not any of the local banks. Bids for financial and procurement advise are due by February 05, 2011.

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