The above coordinates indicated the country location for the project.
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King Abdullah Security Compounds Project - Phase 2a

  • OnGoing Project
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Urban Construction, Education

This project is in Saudi Arabia. Known as King Abdullah Project (KAP) (Phase 2a), the package will include training facilities, campus buildings and schools for public service staff and their families. This project is to Design / Build military training centers located all over the country where the project includes 41 sites and nearly 3000 buildings. The project management strategy consists in the industrialization of most of the project processes (from the design, through the use of a BIM model, to the construction phase) in order to ensure its completion within the challenging time frame and budget. The project involves construction of 620 security compounds consisting of 15 call centers, 199 police stations, 68 traffic stations, 54 roads patrol stations, 35 civil defense centers, 41 immigration departments centers, 33 drug addicts enforcement centers, 57 civil status administration buildings, 41 investigation and prosecution buildings, 12 border guard stations, 70 services and associated facilities in a various location across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is understood that the client has invited about (10) contractors to submit bids for the main construction contract.

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