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Jeddah Public Transport Development Project

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This project includes development of a Public Transport Program comprising a Metro network, Tramway and Light Rail Transit, in Saudi Arabia and known as the Jeddah Public Transport Program (JPTP). The metro will comprise four lines (Red, Blue, Green, Orange), with a total of 113 kilometers of elevated double track; 44 kilometers of tunnels; 85 stations and five depots. The 67-kilometre Orange line will connect Makkah Road with Obhur, passing through the central part of the city northward. It will have 22 stations besides a branch line to the east along Sari Street. The 24-kilometre Blue line will link King Abdulaziz International Airport to Old Airport Road with 17 stations. The 17-kilometre Green line will run along Palestine Road with a branch to the Old Airport and end at the Haramain Railway. It will have only seven stations. The planned public transport system also includes a bus service using (816) buses linking metro stations with all residential districts in the city. Buses will run 750 kilometres in various districts and have 2,950 stops. Taking a long haul, feasible methodology, which foresees development hundreds of years from now, the vision for Jeddah's transport network incorporates the structure of metro, overwhelming rail, cable car, ship, transport, cycle, open spaces and travel situated improvement. The far reaching plan stretches out from the structure of the stations to the trains and marking. What's more, the improvement of the metro framework will make another urban convenience for the city of Jeddah at key areas underneath the raised track. Currently only 12 percent of the population live within a 10 minute walk of Jeddah’s transport nodes – the project aims to achieve 50 percent, through a process of densification and strategic planning. Each station node will create a new neighbourhood, with a unique character, and together these will create a diverse and vibrant city.The client has decided to review the plan over the coming 15 months. Schedule of the project will not be set until this review is completed. It is understood that a Canadian company has undertaken the feasibility study for this scheme.

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