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Jackets, Decks & Pipelines Installation Project - Marjan, Zuluf & Safaniya Oil Fields

  • OnGoing Project
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Gas Processing, Oil & Gas

This project involves development of Marjan, Zuluf and Safaniya offshore fields in Saudi Arabia. The contract includes the design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and implementation of subsea systems, laying of pipelines, subsea cables and umbilics, platform decks and jackets. The project is about Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction (EPIC) of platforms, pipelines, decks and jackets at the offshore oil fields. The venture incorporates the execution of subsea frameworks, laying of pipelines, subsea links and umbilicals, stage decks and coats on the field. The undertaking likewise contains extra upkeep and destroying chips away at the current stages working in the field. Furthermore, the contracts will also include additional maintenance and dismantling works on the platforms that are already operating in these fields. Client has awarded Italy's Saipem two contracts on this scheme. The first contract worth $571 million involves installation of 10 jackets, decks and pipelines at the Safaniya field and the second contract worth $355 million is for the installation of 7 platform decks with pipelines and cables at the Marjan and Zuluf fields. The contracts have been awarded as part of the renewed six-year Long Term Agreement (LTA) between the two companies effective from 2015 to 2021. Client Contact name has not been disclosed.

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