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Interim Road Improvement Project - Doha South Phase 1

  • OnGoing Project
  • Qatar
  • Roads & Infra

The scope of work of this project involves provision of Interim Road Improvement Works Doha South Phase 1 at Qatar. The project also includes the infrastructure of around 9726 residential plots, 1600 commercial plots, 4 schools, 3 reserved government plots, 21 mosques, 13 parks and 226 open space / green areas. The project also involves:- Roadworks inclusive of flexible pavements, precast concrete block pavements, tactile pavements, speed tables and dust control, - General site clearance and demolition works, - Channels and chambers for the Intelligent transportation frameworks (ITS) according to the national ITS procedure, - Passive and active traffic management inclusive of traffic signs, road markings, traffic signals and traffic signal controller, - Surface water and groundwater drainage include pipe works, gullies, catch-pits and soakaways, -Treated sewage effluent (TSE) distribution system, - Utility services including potable water, electrical (LV, MV, HV & EHV) and Telecom (CRA networks) and Unified Government Network (UGN).

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