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Integrated Industrial Waste Water Treatment Facility Project

  • OnGoing Project
  • Qatar
  • Industrial Projects., Sewerage & Wastewater

This project will be built about 2 kilometers southwest of Doha Industrial Area, adjacent to the existing Industrial Area Sewerage Treatment Works. The project is about Design and construction of an Integrated Industrial Waste Water Treatment facility. The first phase is planned to provide a treatment capacity of 10,000 cubic meters a day and is scheduled to be completed before the end of 2016. After completion of the first phase, the plant will provide integrated facilities to treat industrial waste water coming from the light to medium categories of industrial and trade factories located in Qatar, and dispose the treated sewage effluent produced by the existing Industrial Area Sewerage Treatment Works. The new facility will be equipped to handle waste water with pollutant levels exceeding municipal discharge limits that control effluent disposal to the public sewer network. The plant will be faced on a fully integrated design, which will have multi-stream treatment processes. The process will allow further expansions in the future. Client has invited contractors to prequalify for the design-and-build contract. Contractors have until October 08, 2015 to submit prequalification entries for the contract, which will include design, build, operation and maintaining of the industrial waste water scheme. Water requirements in Doha are continously growing and the capital has very low rainfall levels. The challenge: satisfy water needs and protect the resource. With this aim in mind, set up future-proof infrastructures and innovative treatments to achieve up to 100% wastewater recycling. Water resource management has become a critical issue for Doha. Tucked between the sea and the desert, this small kingdom is subject to high demographic and climate stress with scarce, minimal rainfall. The city of Doha in particular, which houses 80% of the country's population, must meet ever-increasing water requirements. Starting in 2005 and as part of three successive contracts. The extension of the Doha West wastewater plant, as the needs of the population already exceeded the capacity of the plant. The objective: raise daily production from 135,000 to 175,000 m3 using the same technology.

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