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Inner Doha Re-sewerage Implementation Strategy Project

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  • Qatar
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This project is in Qatar. It involves building a series of deep tunnels that will serve the Doha South catchment area over the next (50) years and will eliminate the need for pumping stations in the area. The project consists with the work of Execution of Inner Doha Re-sewerage Implementation Strategy (IDRIS). It also include 76-kilometres of lateral interceptor sewers, 33-kilometre of trunk sewer, a terminal pump station, a New Doha South sewerage treatment plant, 92-kilometre of treated sewage effluent return facilities and the de-commissioning of (37) existing pump stations. Client is planning to split the project into 6 packages, some of them will be split further into individual contracts. Six main packages include: Package 1: Three design and build contracts for the lateral interceptor sewers Package 2: Three design and build contracts for the main trunk sewer Package 3: One design, build, operate contract for the terminal pump station Package 4: One design, build, operate contract for the New Doha South sewage treatment plant Package 5: Three design and build contracts for the treated sewerage effluent return systems Package 6: Two contracts for the de-commissioning of pumping stations. Project completion is expected by the end of 2018. The Doha South Sewage Infrastructure project comprises the construction of a 16 kilometer main trunk sewer, divided into three segments, Eastern, Northern and Western. This is in addition to the design and construction of 11 shafts that will be used to excavate the main tunnel. The main trunk sewer will convey the sewage flows through pumping stations to the existing Doha south treatment works. The project also includes the construction of seven lateral interceptor sewers with a length of about 24 kilometers, which will convey flows from areas in the centre of Doha to the main tunnel. The Project is designed to serve areas in the south of Doha and the expected population growth. The project can be linked to future infrastructure projects, and when completed, it will enable the decommissioning of more than twenty old pumping stations currently located in the residential and commercial areas in the south of Doha. One of the important benefits of the project is the gravity based main trunk sewer that will link a number of areas in the south of Doha to the sewage network. As a result, it will reduce the environmental impacts through the full control of odours in sewage treatment works and conveying system, and reduce other environmental problems arising from sewage overflow due to excess hydraulic pressure on the existing drainage network, where sewage flows exceed its capacity. Client has invited local and international contractor and consultants to attend a briefing on this scheme on January 23, 2013. US has been appointed as the project management consultant (PMC) on this scheme. It has worked on the concept design and preliminary design and will also manage the design and construction consultants.

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