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Hawiyah & Haradh Gas Production Plants Project

  • OnGoing Project
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Gas Processing

The project is about Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to build gas compression facilities to boost gas production. It will be located in Saudi Arabia. The venture includes improving and continuing gas generation from Haradh and Hawiyah fields by decreasing stifle weight at the wellhead. Hawiyah and Haradh are a piece of Ghawar, the world's biggest inland oilfield. The extension undertaking will give extra gas handling offices to process 1,070 Million Standard Cubic Feet for every Day (MMSCFD) of crude sweet gas, introducing a pipeline system to permit free streaming 290 MMSCFD from Haradh field to Hawiyah Gas Plant. Hawiyah gas plant currently processes 2.5 billion scfd of gas. The project aims in expanding the processing capacity at Hawiyah by 1.3 billion standard cubic feet per day and boost production from Haradh by building gas compression plants and other facilities. Hawiyah and Haradh are part of Ghawar, the world's largest onshore oilfield. Following the Hawiyah Project, which was successfully completed in 2001 with the client's great satisfaction, JGC was awarded the contract for the Haradh Project involving the construction of a large-scale grassroots gas processing plant in the eastern desert region of Saudi Arabia. Similarly to the Hawiyah Project, the purpose of the Haradh project was to help increase domestic gas processing capacity in response to an increasing demand for gas fuel for power generation and as feedstock for the production of chemicals, and other purposes. Through the success of the Haradh Project, JGC solidified its business presence in Saudi Arabia. Client has asked companies to express their interests in participating in bidding for the project while the actual bidding is expected to start in March 2017.

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