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Harbours Construction Project

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  • Qatar
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These berths will be located in the harbours of Al-Ruwais, Al-Khor, Al-Zahira and Al-Wakra in Qatar. The project is about Construction of four harbours that will have a combined total of (1,000) berths. All harbours are state-owned and increasingly frequented by boat owners, and operate under Qatar's Ministry of Municipality & Environment. Qatar's Transport and Communications Ministry (MOTC) has discharged the delicate for four harbors that will have a consolidated aggregate of 1,000 billets, as indicated by the Qatar Company. The arranging and specialized examinations including the structure and illustrations, which have been affirmed. Prior, a working gathering was framed to lead studies and draft plans for the foundation of the berthing spaces.The venture spending plan has likewise been endorsed, as per Nasser Qadar, executive of Maritime Transport Licensing and Planning Department, and has been assigned. Execution course of events of the venture once granted is around 18 months.The undertaking will be actualized in a quickened pace because of the developing number of private ships and pontoons in the country.The organization additionally claims and oversees Doha Port, Al-Ruwais Port and Hamad Port. Client is preparing to tender the main construction contract, private shareholding company, undertook the planning and technical studies, including the design and drawings, which have been approved by the client. Earlier, a working group was formed to conduct studies and draft plans for the establishment of berthing spaces. The project budget has also been approved and allocated. Once awarded, the development will take about (18) months to complete. It will be implemented in an accelerated pace due to the growing number of private ships and boats in the country.

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