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East West Corridor Expressway Project - Package 1

  • Completed
  • Qatar
  • Roads & Infra

This project involves construction of the East West Corridor Expressway in Qatar. Scope of work involves 22 kilometers of new dual carriageway featuring five lanes in each direction, including eight grade-separated interchanges. - Package 1. The dual carriageway will run from the west of Barwa City to Al Matar Street, south of Air Force Roundabout. The new eight grade-separated interchanges will provide new access to key roads and residential areas such as Al Matar Street, Najma Street extension, Barwa Access Road, F-Ring Road, the Orbital Highway and Al Wakra Bypass. The scheme is considered a vital part of the Expressway Program in south of Qatar. Covering infrastructure improvements in the area, the project will include upgrade and relocation of utilities, new street-lighting, installation of an intelligent transport system and storm water drainage. It forms a fundamental part of the Expressway Program providing better connectivity between the southern areas, Hamad International Airport and the New Doha Port, and forming a free-flowing traffic route without the need to travel through Doha city, helping to alleviate congestion. It will see the installation of 2,842 meters of drainage lines, 78,000 meters of irrigation lines, more than 80,000 meters of electrical high-voltage cables and over 79,000 meters of medium/low voltage (MV/LV) cables. New and improved pedestrian pathways and cycle paths have also been planned to reduce the reliance on vehicles and improve accessibility. As part of the development, more than 6,000 streetlights will be installed on the East-West Corridor. In the North East, the East-West Corridor begins at Srirampur and closures at Silchar. This undertaking means to improve the availability of the North Eastern Region with the remainder of India through a 670 kms in length four-path separated parkway among Srirampur and Silchar. The Corridor does not go beyond Assam. Entire East West Corridor is targeted for completion by Dec, 2011 to Dec, 2012 except the five packages of NC Hills district re-awarded for the balance work targeted for completion March, 2014. Reasons for delay, inter-alia, problems inland acquisition, forest clearance for cutting trees, transfer of electric poles, etc. The scheme is currently under planning.

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