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Bisri Dam Construction Project

  • OnGoing Project
  • Lebanon
  • Water

The project involves the construction of a dam located on the Bisri river between the Chouf and Jezzine areas at 395 meters above sea level and with a storage capacity of 125 million cubic meters of water. The project also include conveyance pipeline with a 3.7 kilometer long transmission steel pipeline of 2,000 mm diameter from the dam to the proposed location of the Hydropower Plant which will also include surge protection system. Hydropower Plant (HPP) at Joun will be located in the valley on the Bisri river near the existing Joun Reservoir at approximately 4 kilometers downstream of the dam site. Such level will enable continuous operation with an approximate capacity of 12 MW for the envisaged flow of 6 cu.m/sec.The ESP Members shall review and assess all project aspects to ensure that the actions proposed and the measures undertaken comply with World Bank Safeguard Policies and the relevant laws and regulations of Lebanon. The ESP Members will be expected to visit Lebanon at least twice a year,for an estimated duration of 10 days per visit. The ESP services will be maintained on an on-call basis for additional review as may be required. A Chairperson of the ESP will be nominated by the CDR to take a lead in preparing the report for each visit of the ESP. The services of the ESP will cover the pre-construction period, construction period (5 years for the dam) and post-construction operation and maintenance (initial filling) 2 years period.

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