The above coordinates indicated the country location for the project.
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Asab Onshore Full Field Development (FFD-2) Project

  • OnGoing Project
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Oil & Gas

This project is located in Abu Dhabi. The scope of work involves the construction of phase 2 of Asab onshore full field development (FFD-2). The project also includes expansion of remote degassing stations (RDS) 1 to 3 and modifications at RDS 1 to 6; to include multiphase flow metres (MPFMs),supply of MSM, construction of MPFM, flowline, replacement of diesel generator, demolition works for flowline and its associated facilities. Package I: • Development of a Supply of MSM, • Development of MPFM , • Development of a Building , • Establishment of flowlines , • Substitution of diesel generator , • Destruction works for flowline , • Development of related offices. Package II: • Changes of the three handling trains, • Substitution of the gas blowers, • Development of flowlines • Development of related facilities. It is understood that the client has issued the tender for the main contract.

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