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Al Wasl Tower - Sheikh Zayed Road

  • OnGoing Project
  • Dubai
  • Building

This project involves construction of Al Wasl Tower on Plot No. 343-1193, located on the corner of first interchange opposite Downtown Dubai District on Sheikh Zayed Road and feature the world's tallest ceramic facade. Construction of a 302-meter-tall mixed-use commercial and residential tower comprising 2 basements, a ground floor, (62) floors, a roof and a parking building with ground plus 11 floors. One of the key components is the exterior self-lighting techniques that will be utilized to reflect various occasions and events held in the city. The wasl Tower will have one of the world’s tallest ceramic facades and will be a regional touchstone for adaptability and sustainability. Its capacity to acclimatise to local temperatures through shading and cooling techniques sets this building apart within the hot desert climate. Its design aesthetic and 'contrapposto' structure revolves around ‘Figures in Motion’ and references the interconnectivity of Dubai’s complex and thorough infrastructure. This adaptable, multipurpose addition to Dubai’s skyline reflects mobility, establishes sustainability and provides opportunity. Estimated cost for this project $398 million (AED 1.46bn).

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