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Al Ghouse Road Construction & Rehabilitation Project (Package 1) - 5th Ring Road to 6th Ring Road

  • Completed
  • Kuwait
  • Roads & Infra

The project involves construction, completion and maintenance of Al Ghous Street from the Fifth Ring Road to the Sixth Ring Road. Scope of work includes • Construction of 7 km road, • Create a reverse wrap bridge above the fifth circle in the bucket, • Creating a new roundabout in Bayan, • Construction of a new roundabout and upgrading of three existing roundabouts located in Bayan area • Creating a bridge with three lanes in both directions at the intersection of the diving road with Khalid bin Abdul-Azir Road, • Create a pedestrian bridge, • Create 2 new rotors in the admin area, • Create an intersection that includes 3 levels on the sixth ring, • Tunnel of the Sixth Ring Road. • Surface rotor above the tunnel, • A bridge with 3 lanes in both directions on the scuba diving top street, • Development and Rehabilitation of Diving Street from 5th Ring to Sixth Circle, • Migrate and protect existing services that conflict with the proposed development. • Construction of elevated U-turn above the 5th ring road • Erection of a flyover (six-lanes) along Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz road • Construction of two new roundabouts in Mishref area • Construction of a three level interchange and footbridge • Maintenance and upgrade of Al Ghouse road from 5th to 6th ring road • Protection and relocation of existing utilities

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