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Marine Projects, Ports, Harbour, Coastal Jetties, Marina Projects in Saudi Arabia

List of major player and key clients related to Marine Services & Seaports Sector in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Royal Marines (Saudi Arabia), Dhiba Sea Port (Saudi Arabia), General Presidency of Scientific Research & Ifta (Saudi Arabia), King Fahd Industrial Seaport of Jubail (Saudi Arabia), King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (Saudi Arabia), Seaports Authority (Saudi Arabia), General Directorate of Borders Guard (Saudi Arabia), Saudi Ports Authority - SPA (Saudi Arabia), Al Khafji Joint Operations - KJO (Saudi Arabia), Royal Saudi Naval Force (Saudi Arabia), Saudi Geological Survey, Department of Water & Sewage Disposal (Riyadh), Aramco Gulf Operations Company - AGOC (Saudi Arabia)

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Post/ Updated Description Territory Status
September 18, 2020 Supply of Spare Parts for Medium-Range Boats Class (15 M), Service Boats and Long-Range Vessels (40 M). Saudi Arabia New Tender
September 18, 2020 Supply of Spare Parts for High-Speed Interceptor Boats. Saudi Arabia New Tender
September 15, 2020 Construction of a maritime complex comprising a range of facilities, including seven fully-equipped dry docks, two basins and five piers, a ship lift system, workshops, warehouses, utility service areas, as well as office buildings, living quarters and recreational facilities for more than 10,000 workers. Saudi Arabia Current Project
September 13, 2020 Construction of a Border Guard Berth at King Fahd Industrial Port. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
September 9, 2020 Investment of Marine Ports. Saudi Arabia New Tender
September 9, 2020 Development of King Abdullah Economic City comprising six major elements, including a millennium seaport, an industrial district, a waterside resort, a financial island, a residential district and an educational zone. Saudi Arabia Current Project
September 3, 2020 Urgent Maintenance of Ship Hydrography-1. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
September 3, 2020 Establishment of Umm Al-Tawaqi Point at the Royal Jazirah Center and the Marine Point in the Al Hamra Center of the Jeddah Sector. Saudi Arabia New Tender
September 3, 2020 Supply of Spare Parts for "WISE" Marine Cranes. Saudi Arabia New Tender
September 2, 2020 Supplying Submersibles. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
September 1, 2020 Securing and Installing Volvo Engines for Marine Media. Saudi Arabia New Tender
August 26, 2020 Carrying out upgrading of a container terminal that will allow the port to handle ultra-large container carriers. Saudi Arabia New Tender
August 25, 2020 Supply of Marine Rescue. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
August 21, 2020 Design, Presentation and Implementation of the Launch of the Saudi Professional League Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
August 18, 2020 Development of a tourism destination for high-end travelers. Saudi Arabia New Tender
August 13, 2020 Engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) works for installation of subsea cables. Saudi Arabia Cancelled
August 10, 2020 Shiplift Maintenance Inspections. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
August 4, 2020 Supply of Ferryboats. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
July 30, 2020 Supplying Spare Parts for the Marine Project. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
July 27, 2020 Rehabilitation of Ship Repair Facility Workshops. Saudi Arabia Completed Tenders
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