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Top Infrastructural Projects in Oman

Oman has ambitious pipelines of the projects lined up. With the upcoming infrastructural development, Oman is likely to grow on financial and infrastructural grounds. Here are few upcoming infrastructural projects in Oman.

Khazzan & Makarem Gas Fields Development: owned by the Ministry of Oil & Gas and with a budget of $16bn, this project has the potency to deliver up to 30% of Oman’s gas supply in 2020. The BP and Oman came to a formal agreement in 2014. The plan of BP targets at drilling 300 wells over 15 years to deliver plateau production of 28.3Mcm/d of gas and 25,000bpd of gas condensate.


Oman National Railway Project: a 2,244 km track with 35 km of tunnels, 40 km of bridges, 50 terminals, and eight marshaling yards are indented to be constructed under this project owned by the Oman Railway
Batinah Expressway Construction Project: This project is expected to be completed by 2018 and is one of the biggest projects in Oman. The expressway built under this project will be an extension of the Muscat Expressway and run for 265km to the Oman-UAE border.


Liwa Plastics Project:  owned by Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC), it will be Oman’s first steam cracker. It is likely to provide opportunities for downstream industries. The first stage of this project is likely to start from January 2015.


Sohar Refinery Improvement Project: This project aims at meeting the increasing demands for the refined products. It will add 82,000bpd to Sohar’s Refinery existing capacity of 116,000bpd making it a total of 198,000bpd.
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