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FIFA 2022 World Cup Bid In Doha

The Future: Qatar – 2022 and beyond

The Qatar 2022-FIFA triumph is a call for massive changes for its future in terms of infrastructure (related to sports and otherwise), transit services, housing facilities, recreational areas and entertainment options. In order to be FIFA ready, by 2022 obviously, Qatar is already work-under-progress; Deloitte has already estimated that Qatar is spending (over) $200bn to host the World Cup which is now determined to be held in November-December of 2022 in the Arab country.

Big figures, big works. Equally big (or more) will be the opportunities in store and out for the enterprises to enter and invest. Build for one of the most happening events in the sports world. Not only build but enter into a service (or trade) which would supplement the big event Qatar is gearing itself up for! Again, not only for Qatar, but also for other countries as well. For they have announced the erection of a modular seating arrangement for the stadiums which will be passed on to other countries after the 2022 World Cup in the country. Well opportunities for tenders are galore. The number of construction and developmental projects underway are a clear indication of that. There are stadiums (referred to as ‘stadia’) to be built in about 7 cities of the oil rich country with different specifications including unconventional yet culture retaining conceptual designs, accommodating plenty ‘football’ motifs as well as fans in different cities all over the world’s richest country. To leave no stone unturned and complete all of the above along with a host of other things, successfully in stipulated time(7 years from now to be precise), services from companies of construction, architectural firms, and also environmentalists amongst others will definitely be welcome. The FIFA World Cup hosts have to meet with certain environmental standards – this would probably give the ‘green’ companies a literal green flag over the others in the bid.

The means of the sporting events also would need major attention including but not limited to – crowd management, ticketing, event management, security, broadcasting, IT and media signage.

Qatar is going to also revamp its transport system – new airport, freeways, roads, metros, underground rails and the works. The Public Works Authority in Qatar, Ashgal has revealed a plan to spend about $27.5bn on expressways and freeways. The public transport is being upgraded to accommodate heavy traffic especially of the ‘fans’ and the likes during the World Cup and also for after the event. Tenders in that respect would also be accessible for the companies interested. The UK Trade and Investment held from 22-24 March, 2015 had a Global Sports Mission to Qatar following the Outward Mission from Qatar to United Kingdom to understand the nuances of infrastructure requirements for hosting one of the most prestigious sporting events from a seasoned host. The events that took place over the period of two days were an opportunity for the UK companies to scrounge for available opportunities in the 2022 FIFA Host Country. Tenders for various elements of importance for a mega sports event were discussed and probably awarded.

The boom in hospitality industries is also expected along with catering for ‘catering’ to the requirements of 2022 world cup fan inflow. Hotels ranging from one star to five stars, set for budgets of every kind are proposed for 2022 and after. Also, plans for malls, festival cities for recreational purposes and a commercial heart are put forth too.

Controversies might rear its ugly head; but it is to be noted all the 2022 World Cup preparations are supplementary aiding the country to realize the Qatar National Vision 2030 whereby they want to become ‘knowledge-based’ economy.

The Middle East countries and for that matter, the World looks forward to watching Qatar fare in the FIFA World Cup of 2022.