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Infrastructural Development Trends in Oman

The public sector is by far the largest procurer of construction services in the Sultanate of Oman. Large construction projects across the country are pushing forward the economy in a substantial way.

The big investments are making significant changes in the development of Oman. The chief beneficiaries of this large investment programme are:

Oil and Gas:  Oman has a number of world class exploration and production projects under development. Moreover, many small scale industries are also making their way to compound the economy in the most profitable manner.

Transportation: The developmental progress can’t be geared up until the improved transportation, for it is the most important aspect for the development of any country. Airports, ports, highways, and railways are the areas where the Sultanate of Oman is planning to achieve huge dividends with lots of investment.

Tourism: Construction of hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc, is changing the scenario of country, which ultimately is attracting more tourists to the lovely Sultanate of Oman.

Further, significant projects in the power generation and transmission, water desalination, healthcare and housing sectors are also under constructive scenario. All these projects in Oman are contributing to the sustainable development of Oman, for sure.